2022 Featured Artist

Lukuise Swanigan

Born in Aberdeen, Mississippi, and raised in Columbus, Mississippi, Lukuise Swanigan is a self-taught artist inspired by nature and childhood memories. Before making the decision to become an artist, Swanigan attended Ashworth Community College for floral design, a craft which she continued even after graduating.

In 2009, she had a vision and found ways to create art using wrapped fabric. She honed her craft until deciding to start appearing at art shows in 2018.

Her process begins with a sketch. From there she transfers the image to her canvas and begins the process of wrapping printed cotton fabric in vibrant colors into art. The time it takes to complete a piece can take from one week to four months, depending on the amount of detail.

Swanigan has dreams that one day her art will be used to commemorate a pivotal moment in history or even be shown in a museum.